10 Creative Ways To Ask Your Kid About School. #2 Can Really Get The Ball Rolling

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It’s the same scenario each and every day. Your kid gets in the car and you ask, “How’s school today?”


You’d be pretty lucky to get an answer. Unfortunately, the most you can get from your kid is the word okay. Other than that, you get nothing. You just can’t get anything out of your kid soon as he gets in the car.

You have waited the whole day, anxious to hear about your kid’s day at school. Finally, you get a chance and you get nothing. Your kid sits at the back as if you never said anything. How frustrating is that?

You definitely need to change your strategy. If the classic line, “How’s school today? “ just doesn’t seem to wok, think of another line to catch your kid’s attention.

There are 10 creative ways to ask your kid about school without really saying, “How’s school today?” You can turn to the next page to see the 10 creative ways to get your kid to tell you about school.

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