10 Life Lessons I Want My Son To Learn


I couldn’t be any happier. My son’s grades are amazing. He’s doing so well in school. I’m so proud of him. So go ahead and judge me.


Yes, I am one of those moms who live to see my son’s grades. I think I have the right to do that. After all, I am the one who teaches and tutors him patiently each and every single day.

Until one day, somewhere in between doing the laundry and cooking, I got into some serious thinking. It just dawned on me that my son was in his two-digit age already. Then I suddenly panicked.

He was growing up fast and I quickly realized that his grades weren’t enough. As his mom, I knew I had to do more than just develop his study habits.


It won’t be long until he has to step into the real world. When he does, his grades won’t be enough. He needs more than that to survive in the real world.

My son is going to be a tween soon. Hence, he needs to learn these 10 life lessons. Turn to the next page to learn more about the 10 life lessons.

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