10 mom confessions. #5 Is Undeniably True!

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Moms do the craziest things. However, they’re so good at hiding it you’d never think they’re capable of doing anything crazy at all.


If you think about it, can you actually blame moms for doing crazy stuff? Of course not! After all, it’s not easy being a mom and you know that pretty well.

The fact is, all moms are human. There’s just no doubt about it. So as much as they love their family, they’re burdened with their own emotional drama. They have their moods, anxieties, and worries.

Most of the time though, they bottle up all their emotions since they have to be in charge all the time. However, there are times when they just need to get some things and tasks over and done with. It is during those times when they are tempted to do crazy things.

So yes, every mom has her own confession to make. There are actually 10 mom confessions. Turn to the next page to see the 10 mom confessions.

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