10 Red Flag Signs Your Kid Is Being Bullied


Bullying is a serious thing. No parent would ever want his or her kid to be bullied. It hurts too much to even think your kid is being bullied.


There are various kinds of bullying. These are verbal bullying, physical bullying, and relational bullying. The most common settings for bullying are school and online.

In a school setting, the three kinds of bullying fit right in. In the online setting, verbal bullying and relational bullying fit right in. Although there’s no physical bullying online, it hurts just the same.

So whether it’s verbal bullying in a school setting or it’s relational bullying in the virtual setting, bullying is bullying. Recognize it. Do something about it. Then stop it.


According to this website:

“Bullying can have devastating effects which can last into adulthood. At its worst, bullying has driven children and young people to self-harm and even suicide.”

So don’t think that your kid can sort it. Worst of all, don’t think that it’s just part of growing up because it’s not. No one kid should ever be bullied. Protect your kid now.

There are 10 red flag signs your kid is being bullied. To learn more about these red flag signs, turn to the next page now.

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