10 Thoughtless Acts A Mom Is Entitled To Do At Least Once In A While. #2 Is A No Brainer

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When was the last time you put yourself first? You probably can’t even remember. With all the bills and the household stuff you think about day in, day out, there’s just no time for you think of yourself.


Now that’s just you being a mom. The last person you’d ever think of is yourself. It’s really weird but that seems to be a rule of thumb for most moms.

Moms, like you, are really known to be thoughtful, caring, and totally selfless. It’s probably in your DNA. That’s just the way moms, like you, are made.

So are you happy about it? Of course, you are. You love your family and you will do anything for them, right?

However, you just have to admit this one thing. There are times when you just want to break free and do something for yourself. Well the good news is, you can. Turn to the next page and read about the 10 thoughtless acts a mom is entitled to do at least once in a while.

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