5 Obnoxious Reasons Why Parenting Gets Pretty Crazy These Days


Parenting isn’t easy these days. As a matter of fact, it’s freaking hard. There isn’t a parent out there who isn’t exhausted.


It’s really funny because you don’t remember your parents being that exhausted. As a matter of fact, they seemed more relaxed. You don’t remember them worrying that much; at least, not as much as you worry these days.

It’s strange but it’s true. Parents these days are faced with such daunting tasks. They always need to make sure they’re doing the right thing and if they’re not, they worry about the repercussions of their actions.

After which, they spend more time freaking out thinking that their kids are going to grow up like freaks. The panic button is on and it’s paranoia from there on.


When paranoia sets in, parenting gets pretty crazy. Unfortunately, paranoia isn’t the only thing that makes parenting a little more complicated.

There are 5 obnoxious reasons why parenting gets pretty crazy these days. Turn to the next page and learn more about them.

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