7 Easy Tricks For You To Follow So That You Can Avoid The Mom Comparison Trap

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You do it. I do it. Every mom does it.


Let’s face it. We, moms, just can’t help comparing ourselves to other moms. It’s either we think we’re doing it better than other moms or we’re doing such a crappy job. Whatever it is we think, it’s always based on how the other moms do it. That kind of habit just sucks big time, don’t you think?

So why do we even bother to doing it. Here’s what Heather Havrilesky, a contributor to the New York Times Magazine, has to say about that.

The current culture demands that every mother be all in, all the time.

Heather goes on to say;


But “everything” doesn’t have to be living up to some picture-ready ideal you saw on the Web.

With technology giving us access to the lives of others, we just can’t help comparing ourselves to other moms. Even if it makes us want to throw up, there’s always going to be a tinge of envy because we’ve just fallen into the mom comparison trap.

To stop this self-destructive habit, turn to the next page to see the 7 easy tricks to avoid falling into the mom comparison trap.

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