8 Practical Reasons Why Our Kids Should Learn Coding


Nowadays, the geeks rule! In this techie and digital era we live in, the geeks, no doubt, are way ahead of us.


They are the creators and prime movers of this digital world we live in. While we are all so dependent on computers, the geeks are on the backend making everything work for us.

They might not have been the coolest guys in school but that doesn’t matter now. At that time, they were too busy learning something that we never considered important or to say the least, interesting.

Coding. That was the one thing they thought was interesting. While we thought that was something really weird, they thought it was cool. That set them apart from us because now, they clearly understand the world we live in.


Now that we’re parents, we should learn from that. If we had never considered coding as something very important for the kids, well now, it is. Yes, it’s a totally different ballgame nowadays.

In this era we live in, coding is the language that’s going to get our kids ahead. Add coding to the fundamental subjects they need to learn and they’re good to go.

This doesn’t mean that we should stress our kids out for the sake of having them learn how to code. No! We shouldn’t do it that way.

The point is; kids should be familiar with coding. In this day and age, they should consider coding as another basic language to learn. The least we can do, as parents, is to introduce it to them, the same way we give them options to learn a particular sport or an instrument for that matter.

There are 8 practical reasons why our kids should learn how to code. Turn to the next page to learn more.

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