A Heartwarming Moment Between A Son and A Dad In The 1992 Summer Olympics


There’s no perfect parent. Perfection just doesn’t exist in parenthood. If it did, then no one would have to struggle to become a parent.


A parent doesn’t have to perfect. After all, that’s pretty impossible. However, a parent can be ideal; not perfect but ideal.

Here’s one story that’s truly inspiring for every parent out there and at the same time, heartwarming for every child out there. It happened in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona Spain.

The event was the 400m sprint and Derek Redmond was not just all set to run the race; he was set to win it. He was in the best form and losing was just not the option for him and for everybody else watching the race.


Derek Redmond had already broken a British record in 1987. He was already an accomplished athlete way before the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.

So he was very confident before the race. In an interview, he expressed how sure he was of wining the event. Unfortunately after a few seconds into the race, he was down on the ground. His had torn his hamstring.

“ I just remembered having my hand at the back of my leg and just sort of collapsing to the floor in pain. Then I remembered where I was and it was just like, you’re in the Olympics semi final and that’s pretty much what made me get up and start to run or hobble. I just said, you know what? I’m going to finish this race. It might be the last race I’ll ever run so I’m going to finish it. Not for anybody else, I’m going to finish it for me.”

At this point, everybody else had already crossed the finish line. The race was over but not for Derek Redmond.

As he hobbled to the finish line, his dad broke security to support him cross the finish line. At that moment, the world witnessed how it is to be an ideal dad.

Derek Redmond’s video hobbling to the finish line with his dad by his side has got to be one heartwarming sight for everyone to see. Turn to the next page to see the video and don’t forget the tissue.

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