About Us

MY-FB-Profile-1If there’s one thing that moms love to do is to talk. Yes, we love to talk about everything especially about our kids. That’s pretty much the reason why our kids’ favorite line is, “Mom is yakety-yak again.” After hearing that line over and over again, we thought it would make the perfect tagline for our website.

We’re really just a bunch of moms talking and sharing our thoughts with each other. One afternoon, over coffee, one of use thought of creating a website so that we could share with other moms the joys and sometimes, not so joyful thoughts of motherhood. So we all thought setting up a website where we could do all that was a great idea. Hence, MomYaks.com was born.

We aim to entertain and even provide useful information about everything that’s related to motherhood.

Thanks very much for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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