Five Simple Ways You Can Teach Your Kids Respect

You probably say it all the time. Repeatedly, you remind your kids to say thank you and please. This is to train them to be respectful to everybody. After all, you’d want your kids to grow up respectful of others, right?


Well, who wouldn’t want their kids to be respectful? You, definitely, want your kids to show respect to the folks they interact with. Their respectful demeanor will always reflect on you. On the other hand, if they’re not respectful, it’s also going to reflect on you.

It’s a nightmare to see a kid disrespecting others. If you see this kind of kid in the supermarket, you’re totally appalled. At the same time, you’re grateful that that’s your not kid who is making a scene.

The truth of the matter is that kids can be disrespectful and that can include yours as well. If all kids knew how to be respectful then parenting would be a breeze. Obviously, that’s not the case because kids will always be kids and they can be disrespectful at times.


Now, don’t despair. Your job as a parent is to teach your kids to be respectful. You can’t expect your kids to figure out what respect is. You have to teach them the concept of respect patiently.

There are five simple ways to help you teach your kids the concept of respect. To learn more about these five concepts, turn to the next page now.

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