Privacy Policy values your privacy immensely. Nothing could be more important than that. That’s why we will do everything to protect your privacy.

Our Privacy Policy states how we handle all the personal information gathered by our website.

How Information Is Gathered Here uses cookies to gather information from visitors. Cookies are small files that are stored in your computer. The use of cookies is a standard practice among website owners and developers.

With the help of the cookies, the website owners and developers are able to track how their visitors are making use of the information provided for them. Thanks to cookies, website owners and developers can easily track where the visitors are coming from.

The cookies are also able to track the IP address of the visitor’s computer. This is a critical information for all website owners and developers. A lot can be revealed from the IP address. guarantees that all personal information gathered by the cookies stays private and confidential at all times. In case you don’t want the cookies to store any of your personal information, you can always turn them off from your end.

How The Information Is Used Here

The information gathered by is only used to analyze the traffic and the visitor’s usage of the website. Unless our Terms of Service are violated and/or we are required by the law to divulge such personal information, we here at keep everything confidential.

Under no circumstances will we share your personal information with any other websites, individuals, and third party service providers. Your email and IP addresses remain confidential at all times.

Subject To Change

The Privacy Policy of is subject to change. Updates will be posted here. We will not be using your email address to send you updates. Please visit this page from time to time so that you are in the know as to what the updates are in our Privacy Policy.

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