Terms of Service

We are really just a bunch of moms thrilled and excited to share with you all our crazy thoughts about motherhood. So you guessed it right! MomYaks.com is all about motherhood.

There is only one topic we will talk about here on our website and that’s motherhood. If you have something to share and it’s not related to motherhood, please take it somewhere else. We will only talk about motherhood, nothing more and nothing less.

Below are our guidelines as to how you should use our website. Please comply accordingly.

Nothing But Mommy Stuff

As previously mentioned, MomYaks.com is all about motherhood. It aims to share useful information that can make a mommy’s life a lot easier. If you want to share something with us, make sure you are in sync with our topic.

Foul Language Is Not Tolerated Here

As moms, we don’t appreciate the use of foul language. That kind of language is strictly not allowed here. You can say and share something in the nicest way possible. If you can’t, then don’t say it here.

Furthermore, we also don’t allow comments that attack other people and companies. MomYaks.com is just not the right venue for that kind of behavior.

Share Your Mommy Thoughts With Us

You are always welcome to share your mommy thoughts with us. That’s the reason why we have a contact form posted on the Contact Us page. Feel free to use that to share all your mommy thoughts with us.

You can also post a comment anytime just make sure to keep in mind the Terms of Service of our website.

There will be changes and updates to our Terms of Service. We will not be emailing you to inform you about the changes and updates. All the changes and updates will be posted here. Hence, you have to come and visit this page from time to time so that you can be updated with all the changes.

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